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Thermodynamik und Energietechnik

International Workshop on Molecular Modeling and Simulation 2015

23 - 24 March 2015, DECHEMA e.V., Frankfurt Main, Germany


MolMod 2015

Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Science, Engineering, and Industrial Applications

Molecular modeling and simulation are of key methods in research in many areas of physics, chemistry and biology, but also in engineering. Simulation methods and tools are now available in this field, which enable addressing not only scientific but also practical problems. They yield new insights and contribute to finding novel solutions in industrial research and development.

 The international MolMod workshops are dedicated to this rapidly developing interdisciplinary field in which science and engineering join forces. They provide a unique opportunity for getting an overview of the state of research in molecular modeling and simulation at the interface between science and engineering. Moreover, they bring together experts from academia and industry, as well as from different scientific communities that are engaged in applied molecular modeling and simulation.

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